What do these have in common?

-Rare Coins
-Wizard Hat
-French Horn
-Battle Axe
-Conjoined Twins
-Murder Weapon
-Milky Way

thanksgiving is actually the whitest holiday i have ever seen.

thanks giving is a shit holiday and i hate it

imagine posting this and thinking its not incredibly racist

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white people moment

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So may not be my place to suggest but...

I reckon autistics should totally assume the term ‘savage’ just as @WilliamShatner@twitter.com has suggested.

As in-

I’m a savage
Classy, bougie, ratchet
Sassy, moody, nasty
Acting stupid, what’s happening?
What’s happening?
I’m a savage.

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// knives 

the sound of a knife being honed its like nails on a chalkboard

another one i hate thats kind of weird but when my headphones (i literally always wear them its a sensory thing) are on low battery theres a voice that says "please charging" and i hate it

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do you have any sounds you fucking hate? i get a visceral reaction from hearing frost rub against other frost

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Nintendo: We love our fans!!
Fans: Oh wow that's great! Hey check out this fan-made ga—
Nintendo: We Will Fucking Sue

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queer ppl have every right to distrust or even h8 non queer people. stop licking allocishet 8oots

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i really like the animaniacs reboot but honestly i wish it were less liberal and more leftist then it would be very epic

shoutouts to back before minecraft 1.10 when instead of JEI for the recipe mod we had NEI. (also JEI and NEI are miles better than the vanilla recipe menu in the crafting tables past 1.12)

not going to stream today, but perhaps tomorrow i will stream? idk

anyway off stream im going to mine for resources and also mark down the coords of my portal so i dont lose track of it

actually move birch down to high-b tier and crimson up to a tier

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whenever i see a picture of notch i just think he looks like a stereotype of what person would have the bigoted opinions he holds lmao

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