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Girls just wait Until i Get Over my Fear of Being .perceived

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Twenty years ago today, North American Trainers entered the Johto region for the very first time.

PokΓ©mon Gold and PokΓ©mon Silver were first released in North America on October 15, 2000!

How old were you when you first played these games, Trainers?

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@aaaraagh@twitter.com Is better with this music

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The Oct. 13 announcement from the Minister of Health and the CEO of AHS is a devastating blow to health-care support workers and Albertans. Read commentary from research manger Rebecca Graff-McRae @PoliScIrish@twitter.com parklandinstitute.ca/11000_rea

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I didn't know this until today, but if your acne gets bad and your doctor prescribes Spironolactone, DON'T ACCEPT IT! It counteracts the effects of Testosterone, and may dull it down to a form of Estrogen

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I added the ability to download and install your Java skins in . All from an in-game menu.

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Man the whole Facebook integration isn't looking too hot

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None of the four law enforcement agencies on scene captured video of the killing. But we spoke to 22 people in the area, including five people who were outside with a vantage point of the scene. Here’s what they saw when the shooting began.


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Five eyewitnesses on the street at the time said the officers opened fire before giving Reinoehl any warnings or commands. β€œThere was no, β€˜Get out of the car!’ There was no, β€˜Stop!’ There was no nothing. They just got out of the car and started shooting,” Garrett Louis said.

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i just wanna win neutral by raptor boosting
relatable content

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tw // anti-blackness
just to be clear, ik some of you guys follow this artist, and i want to shed light onto the fact that they recently just did this. twitter.com/foolbrew/status/13

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