Shmeat is such a word I need more excuses to use it

euuuughhhhh my memory issues r so fucking bad I just realized I told some1 I'd be able to pay him back 4 some lent money tomorrow night bc I havent deposited my checks yet but like. Immediately after depositing them. Like he was there. He watched me. Idk if he didnt tell me bc he also forgot or if he didnt want me to feel bad abt it but now I have to explain that I would have been 100% capable of doing it immediately *sad sksksksks*

@jk i love this rant and i would also like to propose this very bad idea:

1. data is now the singular

2. datae is now the plural

3. all people who studied latin at some point scream and shrivel up like a slug that's been covered in salt as we just yeet this innocent noun straight into being a different declention because fuck it, this is what you get for hanging around the english language too much you little noun, you knew this pain was coming!!! you knew!!!

4. ????

5. profit

For the people in the back:

If you can't accept living at the bottom of the hierarchy in the system you seek to create, you do not deserve to create it.

long-ish, synth updates 

i posted another synth update on twitter but i uh posted like 12,000 things since then and i forgot the contents

Here's what I vaguely remember:
* I'm working on new feature documentation
* I'm changing the data model (of EVERYTHING, unfortunately)
* I'm creating alternative utterance types to handle certain behaviors
* I'm adding overlapping back in
* I am still pushing off fixing the accumulated timing issue sljfdksjfldk

update that's not on twitter:
* I am working on other (slightly cooler) things as well so it's probably gonna be months before i've made progress on any of this jsflkdsjklfsdjl

food, cursed food facts 

have a lot of chips but no dip?? simply blend/process an entire bag of a strong chip flavor and the chips will have transformed into a concentrated flavor paste, thanks to all the oil, that you can dip your plain chips in!

Also, synth update: fuck you . fuck you f uck you. fck you fuck you Euck you fuck you fuck yuo fsuck syo u

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someone who understands math a little better plz explain why the power spectrum of silence looks like it's been ravaged by an angry chimpanzee before I become the angry chimpanzee that ravages my incredible 20-hour streak of not crying

Update on my phone bill situation: my phone bill is about to decrease by about $125 :)

blowjob sweatpants is that yellow guy from nickelodeon right

Things you say moments before your phone bill increases: gee living sure is unaffordable I'm glad my phone bill isn't terrible!

"But sandwiches involve bread and sex doesn't!"

Maybe *yours* doesn't,,

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sorry i joined this site like "yeah this is where i'm gonna be a normal human being for once", and boy was I wrong.

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