The idea of submitting references for job applications seems weird. Like who submits people they think might not give a good review of them??

Something that's dawned on me about career life as an adult is that you're never really "a professional". It's just being babysat by different organizations/companies constantly.

"Hey, I know I left you because you were shit to me, but would you mind telling this potential new employer that I'm a good girl uwu"

Man... being asked for additional references, with more specifically former supervisors... feels like asking me to get abusive exes to vouch for me.

I don't have many of good relationships with former software managers.

Specifically it's an abstract base class and the instructor's tests are based on two subclasses so now there's nothing building right because everything changed and uggghh.

Student note in assignment: I chose make a few custom methods for readability and simplicity.

What I want to respond: You're just making this five times harder for me to grade I'm glad you're doing your own thing but also I have to get shit graded and I don't have time for this.

It's good that teachers are teaching students to test their code somewhat (via in the code, instead of always manual testing), but they need to understand that each test should use a different instance of the class they're testing...

My job interview is also tomorrow so plz give me jorb.

Maybe I'd have more money if you'd stop charging me money for lack of money, JFC.

Correction, _MY_ checking account is negative and the shared one is $6.

Fuck you I'm going to withdraw from savings go eat a horse.

"You need to limit the number of withdrawals and transfers made from your savings account."

Fuck you, Bank of America. I have $6 in my checking account go to hell.

In my opinion, any starter code you give students for an assignment should ALWAYS BUILD. Don't give students code that doesn't work until they complete it. -_-

How are they supposed to test?

It just fosters that "implement everything build and debug later" bad habit.

Playing Dialect online for the first time in an hour and a half! I hope the virtual tabletop I programmed doesn't break, but we all know how these things go. 😅😅

"Your chrome window is in another... Go to the bottom center of your screen... No, the bottom center. BOTTOM. CENTER. Click on the Chrome icon there. There it is."

ugggh chromebook doesn't seem to let me control screens on Zoom and explaining verbally to student how to stack fucking windows side-by-side is a nightmare omg.

It's not "hey we've decided to hire you" great (I have a 2nd round interview on Friday) but it's still REAL DANG GOOD.

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