You were for like 20 episodes a really fantastic depiction of trauma and mental health issues and how it effects people

And then it's all kinda ruined right at the end

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Every now and again I remember this absolute king of a character and get really happy.

Then I remember the integration at the end of S2 and it leaves a poor taste in my mouth :/

If even reading a single book in your field is too hard at least read a fucking Wikipedia summary.

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Even these two tweets here are just a small fraction of the wrongness present in that tweet.

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That's even ignoring the fact that 'scientific truths' are, even when isolated from the scientific method, ALSO socially constructed to an extent.

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Holy shit Richard this is embarrassing

Truths revealed by science are not science, science is the process by which they are revealed and it's a process that was literally constructed piece by piece by dozens of different societies.

How the ever loving fuck do you not know this?

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Science is not a social construct. Science’s truths were true before there were societies; will still be true after all philosophers are dead; were true before any philosophers were born; were true before there were any minds, even trilobite or dinosaur minds, to notice them.


Ilaix Moriba with his first Barca goal - fake shot with his right, great step inside and that a banger from outside the box.

Another great young talent.

The real issue with bi/pan lesbian discourse is that it (like
all queer label discourse) inherits the framing that binary gender is the basis upon which attraction is built.

This is not only untrue, it's barely even coherent.

Like what percentage of the time would Vel have to be a guy for me to not be a lesbian anymore? And why that number?

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If we need to find Kees in the future I propose we just post a bunch of McTominay propaganda and he'll just materialise

Fun fact: despite being a lesbian I'm dating a bigender person who uses (among others) he/him and a genderfluid person.

Is this mspec enough to be cancelled? Or are your boundaries completely arbitrary?


crazy that there's a type of person out there who claims to support the trans community 8ut would 8r8k up with their partner in an instant if said partner made a discover in their gender identity that wasn't what it was when they started d8ting


Messi and Alba doing a madness for the opener as usual

Mods aren't even official in this game - it's just a bunch a nerds with blender and a discord server

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Just saw someone unironically arguing that players of a game's PC version shouldn't get updates and DLC because they got mods instead and it's unfair.

I need to lie down

Why would you set these players up like this????

Who has EVER looked at Sule and thought "he's a right back"?

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