Writing a mega piece on the Barca subreddit about how Puig isn't gonna be a key player long term.

This'll go down well.

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What you think Moneyball looks like in soccer in 2020: applying a pitch control model developed by a team of PhDs to tracking data from the Chilean third division

What it actually looks like: not recruiting keepers based on on clean sheets

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@cringepolitik@twitter.com Always hate it when foreigners diss my country but gosh-dernit I'm not gonna miss my chance to diss other countries.

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If a homestuck character eats beef that's a Vrisket

Idea inspired by English: language with /ju/ in it where the /j/ vanishes via Yod coalescence after certain sounds, and in other environments shifts to /iw/.

Thus you get alternation in some cases between /u/ and /iw/ (or their reflexes)

I'm slowly but clearly gaining control of my kittyfluidness

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I don't even like the way it sounds that much but so many of the phonological things it does are SO COOL

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