gosh just thinking about how i didnt use to know what a he him lesbian was when all along.... there was a he/him lesbian inside me all along!

:cannabis_leaf: FIDLAR :cannabis_leaf: 

i just wanna get really hiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh
smoke weed until i diiiiiiiieeeeeee

very much looking forward to stealing Watch_Dogs: Legion

personally, my brain is like a glazed donut

Every single product you consume is a political propaganda piece

me, in my bio: nazi furs fuck off uwu

the instant i see a non-white person on here: (stream of slurs and alt-right memes)

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does anybody else think dust jackets kinda suck, actually... bring back bookcloth and embossed covers

so when is someone gonna step up and make snouts 2: this time it's not shitty edition

let me say it again.
this instance is dogshit because of how white it is.
'the fediverse at large' and 'twitter culture' are nothing to do with it.

normal problems: i spilled my juice
online problems: a dog sent me a racist meme

Every time a far righter insults me with their buzzwords I just take it as a badge of honor.

I replaced all the water in my body with cum

Queer update: As usual, I'm feeling deviantly queer.

Mh (+/-) 

Well shit, look at that... Rain sounds can take me out of major panic mode... I guess ASMR works on me after all.

gross. lewd. disgusting 

Brain just throbbing, absolutely engorged with cum

Being a gross freak and a stain on polite society is actually kinda cool

:angery: big instance

:blobcatrainbow: small instance but with big posting energy

trying to be more assertive because being shy and scared of people is actively annoying to me but its not like being Literally Scared of Everyone just goes away

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