according to new lockdown protocols, you are allowed to fuck but not cum

bruh the back of my folding chair just popped off the frame. i feel fat as hell.

teeth levels are currently at 42% but fluctuating wildly

(42%) ■■■■□□□□□□

.m Normalize replacing /how are you?/ in interactions with non-close creatures. Replace it with, I dunno, /it's good to see you/ or some other cordial non-question.

/How are you?/ should be reserved for creatures with whom you have an intimate relationship, where they would be comfortable sharing honestly and where you're prepared to 1. genuinely listen and 2. give support if the answer is negative.

Somewhat as a corollary, normalize declining to answer /how are you?/. The response to a decline should be a graceful continuation, probably with a cordial non-question (as above).

yall..... irl snuggle puddles????????? HEAVEN

if youve never kissed two girls at the same time, youre missing out.

my wifes gf came over yesterday and i had the biggest crush on her and it turns out she had a crush on me and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Oh no....don't put me in the pear wiggler, I'd hate that uwu

baking another loaf of bread today! it should be done in like an hour, id i dont burn it ill give it 2 hours to cool before slicing. my wifes gf is coming over today to hang out and get to know me and i REALLY want to impress her


I have a genuine disgust for cities that set up infrastructure that makes it impossible for the homeless to have any source of refuge from the elements. There’s countless abandoned buildings in my city and if the homeless are caught in them they are arrested. Buildings burn due to the homeless trying to
stay warm while the rich pass judgment on them. This has to change. It’s time to seize the means of production and give jobs to the homeless and house them. HOUSING IS A RIGHT.

me being me. bad mental health decisions. 

ive decided to stop taking my meds and start starving myself. its time. im a fuck up.

meme concept, cw child abuse 

galaxy brain meme, where in a series of increasingly stupid statements are coupled with pics of expanding brains, except every level says "abusing your kids"

im hoping the lower hydration and the higher heats will help me get a BREAD

okay so basically im feeding steve MUCH less water, so shes basically just bread dough instead of bread soup, and im leaving her on top of the water heater

don't look at this statue at work 

why aphrodite got her whole pussy out

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