I'm turning 40 in October. I'm planning to have come out to partners/family/close friends by then. I'm working with a therapist to transition in increments at a speed I'm comfortable with. I bought gender-affirming underwear as a start. Any other late-blooming trans folx out there want to share their stories?

If you want to come out as nonbinary, then I believe that you have the courage to do it.

It has taken so much strength and bravery to get this far through questioning and learning to accept yourself.

You are brave enough to do this, too.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity #comingout ..

-Start following person on twitter
-person heavily criticizes creators i support
-some of them respond back
-multiple threads of drama clogging up my feed
-unfollow everyone involved
-agonizing over whether to keep donating
-why am i on that shit site again?

It's getting harder and harder by the day to recommend #ProtonVPN. Their most stable mobile app is *still* the old v1 app that's been marked as "outdated" on the Play Store, and their v2.x.x app gets more unstable with each new version.

Worse, their support has basically given up on us, blaming the problems of the new app on how we run LineageOS when it's obvious that they're the ones at fault due to the fact that the old app was and still is stable.

I'm working my way through Subnautica and playing Stardew Valley multiplayer. What are you playing?

When looking back at queer and lgbt history, it can seem like the heritage of nonbinary people has been mostly erased.

But our kinship with each other as nonbinary people extends beyond the confines of a specific label.

And with that in mind we can see the gifts and influence from people like us extending back for centuries.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity ..

I'm really grateful that my partners and I took care of our wills before this mess. I would have liked to get my advance directive done too but at least there's one less thing to worry about.

I know just enough to be dangerous and stupid.

Hubs is fan of wrestling. I am not and i think the McMahons are trash. That said, the WWE loses a lot of what little charm it has when theres no audience. It's just people grunting and flopping around.

Made homemade cream of chicken. Probably heavier than I'm supposed to have at this stage but I don't care

Introducing the children to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They are unimpressed. Kids today. *shakes fist*

This is animals people shows weekend. Finished up Bojack Horseman. So good. All hail Todd, the philosopher king of our age.

Youngest son asks me if I'm watching animals people. Then he gets sad for Haru. Poor bunny, he says. Don't worry, I won't let him watch the rest.

It's completely a coincidence but the girls uniforms in Beastars give me serious Midsommar vibes

Watching Beastars. I used to be a subtitle purist but there were always exceptions, like Slayers. Now, I'll watch an anime on Netflix and it'll start with the dub automatically and I'm like, should I change? Nah. Netflix money makes dubs okay.

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