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everyone please share this official gofundme for makhia! I got this link from someone close to her in real life. gofund.me/21fecda6

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To my mutuals and those I follow and those who follow me: can yall tw the blue line flag please?

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i dont know about the rest of you all but when i see a big steaming pile of rotten shit i think about police

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happy 420! i’ve compiled a thread of gofundme’s of BIPOC incarcerated for marijuana charges. please donate if you can!

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🌊 i don't know who i wanna kiss but i wanna kiss someone

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if you can’t pay for the go fund me or cash apps of those in need.. then rt. put it on the tl of someone who is able to.

i’ll link some below! they still need help.

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@radiantbutch@twitter.com A single mom of a 2 year old daughter. who has been laid off. Needs access to shelter. If you would love to contribute or just keep us in your prayers, we would greatly appreciate it! 💛
Cashapp: $MKeyetta
Venmo: Keyetta-M
PapPal: paypal.me/MKeyetta

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This 4/20 please remember that black/latino people are still being incarcerated at a disproportionate rate, while white owned cannabis businesses are booming.

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@radiantbutch@twitter.com **URGENT**

Ive hit a bit of a rough patch and need some help. I need another 500 to make rent this coming month!

C*shhapp: $RobbieVee

V*nmo: RoundestRobin

P*ypal: roundestrobinofficial@gmail.com


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Please remember that you can raise awareness and talk about a traumatic situation WITHOUT posting the video for everyone to see.

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i need help getting dinner again...i'm sorry...i hate this so much

$50 is the goal and we have about 6 hours to reach it

P@yPal@twitter.com: paypal.me/raymi100
C*shApp: cash.app/$raymialisha
V3nmo: venmo.com/raymi12022

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My mother has Alzheimer's, plus she has a diabetic foot condition
Has an infection that progresses disproportionately and her foot may need to be amputated
I'm disabled and our check is not enough
Donation Links:
C: $SoulDesing

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