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hmmm i think i will continue to exist and thrive and it will continue to be everyone else's problem

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fuck thanksgiving: a thread

with thanksgiving, black friday & giving tuesday coming up, I’ve organized a list of places to donate that help out indigenous folks, and native run small businesses to buy from!

please feel free to add your own or someone else’s links/info/shops!

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hey everyone help out a homeless native couple this colonizer holiday. we're poor and haven't been to the laundromat for nearly a month. cashapp: chitinvoid. venmo: ccheung333

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y’all keep arguing about dumb shit it’s jamming the counter insurgency machine

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👾 *does fmw in a discord server*
*I'm the only person on the list with 901 plays*

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Friendly reminder that today is a day of mourning for Indigenous and Native people of this country. It is a day of grieving rather than celebration and it is extremely important to respect, honor, and convey condolences. Be respectful. Be understanding. Boost their voices today.

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it’s not a “privilege” for nonbinary people to ‘pass’ as cis; that’s societal misgendering. and it’s not a “privilege” for bisexuals to ‘pass’ as straight: especially when you consider bisexuals, out of any sexuality, are the most likely to be abused. erasure is not a privilege.

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guy who's no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do they, a full commitment's what they're thinking of; you wouldn't get this from any other guy

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To my Indigenous friends, please drop your cash links below and I’ll make sure to boost periodically over the course of the day!

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Hi 🙋🏽‍♀️. I’m really sorry but I’m hoping you could help my pinned gained awareness by putting it under your viral tweets. I’m really in an uncomfortable situation and I’d really appreciate your support. Pls RT and donate if you can. Thanks pretty much ❤️❤️

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For Thanksgiving, remember that the main contribution Native Americans made to the United States isn’t corn or this day, but every last acre of land. The dispossession of Native nations of all that land which started back with the “Pilgrims” never stopped and remains ongoing

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