tbh this recent discourse is the start of something in a much larger picture too
the split of the community between |assimilation into cishet society and strict sga|and |exploration and liberation and societys reform|
we are not one community anymore, this discourse decides it. we are in the same house, but not the same family. and its sad to see those values divide us
we are stronger together, always. but its no use if we cant agree on what to use that strength for. we are different movements now.

labels dont have to be completely open, but they have to be malleable and wiling to accept new experiences. restrictive labels that confine us and our experiences to a set criteria means we are no more free than when we first started our movement

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after someone on here made a typo in a reply to me, I have been unable to get the idea out of my head that Elon Musk’s girlfriend’s name is Crimes

*settles in here from twt*
yall are chill here

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