on "microlabels"/"neolabels" 

Monsterpit is gone and so is my original post about this. I'm rather tired, but need to replace a link to it, so:

- I'm xenogender (lichtgender), a nonvirmina (a person whose gender is masculine and feminine but not male or female at all), arospec (aroflux), acespec (demisexual) and pluralian (ply/virflexible).

- Some of these labels (xenogender, demisexual, ply) are actually used by a lot of people.


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on "microlabels"/"neolabels" 

- Most of these labels are not widely accepted, many times not even within queer/LGBTQIAPN+ communities.

- I do appreciate people/spaces who publicly support these labels, especially if I don't have any way of knowing if they do otherwise. Invalidation about experiences I know are true and deserving of specific labels can be hurtful and annoying.


on "microlabels"/"neolabels" 

- However, the terms micro/neo(+)label/identity are hurtful to me, and to many other people. I suggest not using those to show your support.

- These terms were originally used by gatekeepers, to mock identities like mine.

- These terms don't even mean anything besides "things this specific gatekeeper doesn't like", since, for instance, neutrois (coined in 1995) can be a "neolabel" while demigender (coined within the last 10 years) can not be a "neolabel".

on "microlabels"/"neolabels" 

So, if you want to say you support all forms of nonbinary identities, including lesser known labels, pocket genders (gender labels only used by a few people), genders influenced by life experiences and genders that aren't tied to binary concepts of gender, great!

If you want to say you support all manners of aspec, mspec and fluid orientations, also great!

But it would be nice if this support didn't have to be tied to words assigned to us by gatekeepers.

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