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Hi, I'm Aster (ey/em or they/them) and my main/general purpose English-speaking account is This is my account for queer stuff, which I'm moving from My actual main is @Aster.

This means I'll likely be posting LGBTQIAPN+ flag and label facts I find neat, as well as reading/listening/watching recommendations.

Vocal Training Resources 

Folks were asking me a bunch about vocal exercises & resources I mentioned, so I went looking and found an updated & more thorough document explaining it that was since posted:

They also mentioned Z, a trans vocal coach who uploads really good in-depth voice lessons & explanations and also does private lessons with folks!

YouTube link - I Kissed a Girl: The Messy Legacy of a Queerbait Hit / CWs inside 

The video talks about sexual abuse, queermisia, queerbaiting, multimisia, objetification of m-spec women, ace exclusionism, cissexism and transmisogyny. It also has sexualized imagery (from music clips and such) and the use of phobia as discrimination.

NEW VIDEO: Why Wasn’t Tracy Beaker Gay? | The Impact and Legacy of Section 28


have a click if you’re interested and leave me a comment on the youtube to feed that algorithm if you like ~

pride merch 

If anyone isn't aware yet, the person who started the Pride-Flags deviantArt has a RedBubble, where it's possible to buy pride stuff for various identities! I have a xenogender heart shirt from there, for instance.

If anyone here still uses Tumblr, they made a post at that can be reblogged!

them link with youtube channel recommendations, uses phobia = discrimination terminology 

Queer Nigerian YouTubers Are Creating Safe Spaces, One Video at a Time

about archiving labels × "letting them die" 

Ideally, people should be more mindful when coining labels, and there should be organized group efforts for archiving and translating terms.

However, since this is not the case, what should people who run archives do?

What I try to do is focus my attention on terms that:

- are used (especially when it's one of the only labels a person uses)
- seem useful (umbrella terms, lexical voids left by popular terms)
- showcase the possibilities of how specific can something get (for instance, maybe having 100 xenogenders with 10 different qualities to them is too much work, but 5 instead of 100 is less work and shows people that people can be throughout with their labeling)

Regarding labels dying, I'm not sure how much that's actually possible. Even if Tumblr suddenly disappears, various terms are saved on the Internet Archive or discord servers and stuff. If someone archived something, I don't see the need to stop archiving it.

There can be separate glossaries for people who want to showcase umbrella terms or popular terms, and those are useful in settings where people just need to be shown possibilities without being overwhelmed. As long as people don't act those are the only labels, that's fine, imho.

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about archiving labels × "letting them die" 

LGBTA Wiki is doing pretty good right now, since there are some active contributors and the barrier for contributing is pretty low (compared to a Tumblr blog where you have to trust people to make them mods and navigate discourse that doesn't have anything to do with the subject).

Even if there was a full browseable collection of terms out there, it would be hard to navigate. And it's also hard to know which terms are being used and which aren't.

For instance, mutare/mutaregender is a ~2014 gender identity for people whose gender is always changing and evolving, never being the same thing twice. This is not as specific as, say, *checks random post* elytraegendre, "a minecraft gamegender related to the Elytra wings. Feels gender euphoria related to flight, cold air, end ships, rarity, and freedom. Tends to flux between different presentations and pronouns", but I have never seen anyone actually saying they are mutaregender.

At least one blog reblogged the elytraegendre post signaling it's in their hoard (genderhoarders are people who have enormous amounts of genders and they are usually fluid between them). So it is at least 1 person that found the term useful, versus 0 for mutaregender.

Even so, I don't think the Nonbinary Wiki's approach is ideal. They only consider very widely known and used terms to be worth something other than a "uncommon identity"; for instance, even the xenogender article has the uncommon identity label, even though it's an umbrella term with possibly thousands of terms under it.

Some other umbrella terms are not well-known (like, say, alterhumangender and uingender are probably "more obscure" than kingender and quoigender, respectively), but I think wide umbrella terms should have priority in visibility and archiving efforts.

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about archiving labels × "letting them die" 

So, as a "MOGMI label archivist" myself, I think people have a point when they say more labels are created than being used.

I do get the impression that some people are kind of trying to "create content" for the sake of making more posts or building an aesthetic, and that they don't care about explaining the labels they coin so they are more accessible and widely used, or about whether someone has an use for those terms.

And like. I get it, it's harmless, but it's not 2014 anymore when coining terms was a new thing. No translator or archivist can keep up with everything that's coined alone, and it's hard to find a group to do this with since people do get overwhelmed if they try to archive everything.

quote from Beyond The Gender Binary by Alok Vaid-Menon; cissexism, colonialism and gender conformity 

"They say that we are erasing them
as they actively erase the long history of cultures outside the Western gender binary.

They say we are making things up
as they invent hundreds of new laws to legislate us out of existence.

They say we are pretending
as they recite the scripts about gender they have been taught.

They say we are attacking them
as hate crimes against trans and gender non-conforming people increase.

This is how power works: It makes the actual people experiencing violence seem like a threat. Moving from a place of fear leads us to make harmful assumptions about one another. In our fear, we treat other people's identities as if they are something they are doing to us and not something that just exists."


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Wordpress link about the origins and irony of the "split attraction model" / talks about amisic discourse 

The Irony of “the SAM” as a Failed Critique of Essentialism

Sale at my Etsy shop, please boost! 

50% off everything through Friday

Intersex Terminology Masterpost (tumblr link)

CW: some terms are about gender assignment and/or medical dyadism. Most of these terms are marked with "[TW]" on the post.

wordpress link where Em, an autistic person reflects about being aro and apl 

external link, beach photos (the people in them aren't wearing much clothing) 

These Fierce Portraits Capture the Freedom Only Found at a Queer Beach

If you’re concerned about the “gender critical” movement and how its moving worldwide, you should learn about Bilek, who Twitter user @/christapeterso writes a detailed Twitter thread on.

Huge warnings for antisemitism, transphobia and threats of violence. But please read, share wide, and defend LGBT people:

external links containing obsolete/outdated terminology regarding gender and oppression, but they are mostly positive 

I was browsing Oocities and came across a few pages I had never seen before:

The Spivak Manifesto

Gender Anarchoterrorism 101

What Am I? (Contains a lot of reclaimed slurs)

Gender Diversity - Common Terms (this is interesting in some ways, but oh wow it's aged pretty badly, especially with regards to nonbinary and aspec erasure)

Where the Bois Are (there's a t word in all caps at the end)

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