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Hi, I'm Aster (ey/em or they/them) and my main/general purpose English-speaking account is @comet. This is my account for queer stuff, which I'm moving from @stardust. My actual main is @Aster.

This means I'll likely be posting LGBTQIAPN+ flag and label facts I find neat, as well as reading/listening/watching recommendations.

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exhausted homosexual reacts to destiel

these are just some examples I could find quickly, but there are quite a bit more. x_x

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definition pet peeve, examples 

"antigirl: the opposite of a girl
antiboy: the opposite of a boy
antiagender: similar to aporagender, but defined as the opposite of no gender
antiaporagender: also similar to aporagender, a gender that is neither masculine nor feminine and has a gendered feeling, but the feeling isn’t specific or strong"

but... what if the person experiences antiagender or antiaporagender in different ways, but that still fit the "opposite to X" model?

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definition pet peeve, examples 

'Here’s my proposal to a masculine/“boyish” version of the nonbinary Faesari gender! It’s called Dracosaris, a gender neutral person who’s masculine!'

Faesari is someone who is mostly comfortable within the gender neutral spectrum that has a strong attachment to femininity. Is dracosaris meant to be an alternate label to cenrell (same thing but with masculinity), something broader (the connection doesn't need to be strong) or something else?

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definition pet peeve, examples 

"Gendervast: A gender that can be described by many different labels, but is only one gender itself. The gender is hard or impossible to describe with just one term. Similar to gendercollector but it isn’t fluid."

Ok, but gendercollector but not fluid could still mean the person has many different genders and not just a single gender. Is this a polygender label or not?

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definition pet peeve 

sometimes people coin gender identities or orientations like "[original description], similar to [other label] but not [specific thing]", but like, the description is one thing and "other label but different in this way" wouldn't be the same thing as the description given at all.

it's annoying, since I can't be sure if the person meant one thing but misunderstood the other label, or if the person meant the other thing but didn't make that clear in the original description.

Turns out a ton of things that have been blamed on "biological differences" between the sexes is actually all societal? Who knew!

Random friend-promotion: a photographer we know recently revamped her body-positive stock photo site!

I want to make something that's like... people send me flags from places and I tell them what pride flag(s) those flags mostly remind me of. But I'm sure that would flop lol

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so I think a while ago I told someone about the existence of diverse as an orientation that specifies attraction towards gender non-conforming people.

today, I found out indivi is a synonym for it!


Trans-specific attraction labels, Tumblr links 

Finally, if anyone's curious, here are the labels I know of for trans people attracted to trans people:


There is also transromantic as a label for trans people who exclusively date trans people, but a lot of people don't like it very much, at least nowadays.

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fellow enbies! i have a poll. please share it with ur enby pals so we can collect information

The difference between gender identity and gender modality (6) 

So, for instance, there can be an agender person who is trans, an agender person who is isogender and an agender person who is ultergender. Those people have the same gender identity, but not the same gender modality.

Likewise, a trans woman, a transneutral maverique and a nonbinary trans man are all trans (same gender modality), but have different genders/gender identities.

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The difference between gender identity and gender modality (5) 

Transgender describes someone whose gender identity is not the same as their assigned gender.

Isogender describes someone who isn't comfortable being described as cis or trans.

Ultergender describes someone whose gender identity is not the same as their assigned gender, but who doesn't feel like their experience is a "standard" trans experience for being intersex.

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The difference between gender identity and gender modality (4) 

Apparently, though, the person didn't know gender modalities didn't describe genders, and that someone could be iso/ulter/trans *and* nonbinary.

So yeah, here we are.

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The difference between gender identity and gender modality (3) 

A few days ago, someone asked for terminology regarding attraction involving isogender people, since most labels only take into account men, women and nonbinary people.

I replied that iso is not a very popular gender modality, and even labels that are specific for trans people aren't that common (and are frequently criticized). Besides, most isogender people I've seen are nonbinary, so they could use terms for nonbinary people.

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The difference between gender identity and gender modality (2) 

So, examples of gender identities are agender, apogender, aporagender, pomogender, man, woman, bigender, caelgender, neutrois, genderfluid and so on. I don't think gender identity is interchangeable with gender with regards to labels that don't exactly describe a single gender, such as genderfluid, genderless, polygender or quoigender.

Examples of gender modalities are transgender, isogender, cisgender, ipsogender and ultergender.

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The difference between gender identity and gender modality (1) 

I know not everyone is a fan of these words, but I'm going to use them because they are, well, useful:

Gender identity is the gender(s) a person has or doesn't have, or labels that describe one's relationship with gender itself.

Gender modality is the relationship between one's gender identity and their assigned gender at birth, and/or to expectations related to it.

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